dynaleet, submitted by Joe. This is one of the most unintentionally funny web logs I have ever had the chance to read through. Several guys calling themselves "dynaleet" post about the idiotic happenings of their mundane lives. What they also try to do is constantly offer up consumer tips about what dynaleet thinks is hot! Let's take a look:

if i were to recommend a magazine that has tips that you could actually use, visit high times and pick the most recent copy up at your local bookstore.

Oh thanks dynaleet! I have been looking for some tips I could actually use. But what if I get thirsty while reading these wonderful tips?

for all of those who are in need of a constant supply of vitamin c, check out the mad flavors produced by dole 100% juice beverages.

they are great!

Well that's all great, but what if I want to make a fucking dumb weblog about what products I buy and then maybe play some shitty game involving Kirby. Then what do I buy?

the pentium 4 processor bursts onto the scene of processors prior to its' release just lately. with its' netburst technology it is optimized for today's hi-tech fast-paced society. or system of community demands more power, faster speeds, and the pentium 4 delivers it. with its' 20 stage deep pipeline technology the world of multi-taskers can operate in complete liberty. the system bus on the pentium 4 has the highest bandwidth desktop available to the market which increases your RAM performance and the advanced dynamic execution helps optimize the processors overall performance. the revolutionary SSE2 opens up a new definition of clarity when it comes to multimedia applications. the pentium 4 currently has two speeds, 1.4ghz and 1.5ghz. the future holds no boudaries for what potential the pentium 4 may hold.

as its' motto goes: advanced technology for the internet and beyond

check out more info pretaining the pentium 4 processor at intel.com

Holy shit, these guys know everything! They also like to tell you about how good various products are. Even when talking about the ones you can tell they think suck, this site still reads like ad copy for morons by morons. They rattle off product information like they're reciting a press release while a crazy Vietnamese guy holds a pistol to their temple.

PS - They have a guestbook, but they also have tons and tons of article comment fields! Better let them know how much you enjoy their tips!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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