Subliminal Tapes, Kabbalah, submitted by David. If you’re Jewish and looking to be brainwashed, this is the place for you? I think?

  • STEALTH is a SUPER / MEGA / ULTRA (SMU-10X) (Speed of Light) Subliminal Sound Waves Discovery (SSW's) that Makes Airplanes Invisible to Radar!
  • HypnoVision Has Adapted these SSW’s to Help Your Brain Absorb the Subliminal Suggestions & Affirmations & Record Them Deeper Than Your Ability to Forget!
  • Hidden under music the SSW’s trigger the formation of new nerve connections between cells & memory receptors in the right & left brain are multiplied & balanced!
  • Endorphins & natural chemicals are released to assist in every function the body & brain require for SMU-10X PERFECT PERFORMANCE!
  • Well you can't get any better than SMU-10X because that's what my Ethernet card uses! There’s naked cavemen at the bottom of the page and… whoa, $80 for each tape? CD’s are where it’s at, screwball!

    – Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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