The Power Rangers Sex / Nudity Page, submitted by Dave. Speaking of television, here's another reason why each and every one of us should be praying that technology devolves back to the days of text only. "The Writer's Guide to the Power Ranger Universe" lists every episode of the aforementioned show that includes any vague or imaginary signs of sex and / or nudity. You know, because children's shows are just chock full of orgies and such.

315-PoNo. - When Zedd discovered that Serpentera was almost out of energy, Rita, riding with him, laughed and sarcastically told him she hadn't heard that one in 3,000 years.

426-ASTR. - Decades in the future, Kat and Tommy were married with grandchildren.

827-FrZo. - As Miss Fairweather recovered from her freezing, Joel sat beside her, taking her hand and offering her a little warming up; as she pulled her hand away thanking him, she spilled her mug on herself.

Wow! What hot and steamy sex! I'm going to start taping Power Rangers episodes so I can furiously masturbate to when a character says the word "ask" because that kind of sounds like "ass" and oh boy are those Morphin Rangers sexy! Now if only my television could display them clearly...

UPDATE: The guy who runs this site is batshit insane. Example #1. Example #2. Example #3. Example #4.

Thank you very much, Internet!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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