Meet Beshine! She enjoys "doing sports;" loves salads, vegetables and fruits; and wishes "to keep well and fit in the future." She watches Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies, and her favorite place is "where the sun is shining." But her cheerful demeanor and nerdish leanings aren't the only reasons Internet dudes pay money to look at her.

In most of her pictures, Beshine appears to be experiencing some degree of discomfort, though her Q & A assures this isn't the case. ("Exercises for the back are very helpful.") Occasionally, she looks like she's about to give birth to her own breast. For just $30 a month, you can download videos of her playing table tennis on the beach, or read her diary entries (teaser intros include "hope your memorial day went well" and "it is friday ....") Thousands of "amazing hi-res pictures" display the distended veins of her preposterously overextended mammaries in ghastly detail.

Beshine boasts a sleeker page design than previously featured boob monster Busty Heart (holy shit, that site has somehow gotten way fucking worse since last year), but the normalcy of the backdrop just makes the grotesquerie all the more disturbing. For all the gross weirdos who have ever wondered "why can't real women have anime proportions," viewing these hideous images should serve as some sort of brutal Wishmaster-style comeuppance.

It is always an adventure to be on road in public with such big boobs. So here and there happens funny or shameful things.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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