Behold, the supernaturally stretched and distorted faces of Darkness Falls Paranormal Society!

South Dakota seems like an ideal host for paranormal manifestations, given the dense forests in which 18th century witches could easily cavort, and the obvious creepiness of the "Black Hills." Fortunately for locals, the Darkness Falls Paranormal Society is on the case! As professional investigators, the DFPS members follow strict rules of conduct:

  • Researchers will not wear any strong smelling colognes or perfumes that may interfere with natural and supernatural odors that may be present.
  • No smoking is allowed during an investigation. Not only may it interfere with photos and video recordings by creating false fog but it is also not professional.

The DFPS gathered visual evidence to document the startling results of its investigations, but its photo page offers only the phrase "Load failed" repeated 13 times, clear evidence of demonic chicanery. (Note the cursed number!) However, the written accounts remain accessible. DFPS divides its cases into the categories "Haunted" and "Debunked"; here's an example of each. If you live in South Dakota, and you're not yourself an evil spirit, join today!

  • Spook Road -- It has been long rumored that this stretch of road was haunted. The claim was that if you drove east on this road that you would count 7 bridges and on going back west on the road you would only count six. This was easy to investigate and debunk. We put numbers on each of the bridges going east and then stopped to pick them up travelling back west. We counted 7 bridges both ways. DEBUNKED
  • Alcatraz Penitentiary in San Francisco, CA -- This was a mini investigation done while the founders were on their honeymoon. The claims were voices, sounds of cell doors opening and closing, and footsteps. We do have one picture of a shadow figure in one of the cells which can be viewed on the photos page on this website. We would like to travel back to this loaction for a full investigation. HAUNTED

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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