GirlPits (NWS!) is a "forum style website" dedicated to "the erotic female underarm." It claims to be "The Original Underarm Fetish Forum," which is probably not true and also a really weird boast to make.

It's run by a guy who calls himself "The Captain," who has the face of someone who runs a secret armpit fetish forum and the writing style of an overexcited 10-year-old boy who just learned to type "boobs" into a search engine. The Captain has categorized the many different aspects of armpit fetishism into sixteen different subforums, including "Sweat" (description: "Dripping with sensuality") and "smooth & stubble Ethnic Underarms" ("Black, East Indian, Oriental The Captain Loves Them All"). If, for some strange reason, you're on an armpit fetish forum but armpits aren't really your thing, you might wanna check out the "Other Erotic Fetishes" section, where you'll find forums for equally degenerate fetishes like... "sex." Just sex.

Unfortunately, you need an account to view the best forum of all, General Discussion, where creepy perverts shoot the shit about dank pits. Here's a two-response thread with an amazing title:

And here's a fascinating two-post discussion about racial differences:

In this thread, forumgoers share their tips for "tricking" women into showing you their pits, such as asking them for directions:

I saw this hottie working and she had a tank or the sleeves rolled up, I don't remember. I asked where something was, knowing it was way over in the corner of the store. People are curious with their tendency to pantomime. You don't need to shake a Polaroid photo to develop it, you don't need to turn around and face the doors when you enter an elevator, and you don't need to lift your arm waaay up in an arcing motion when pointing to something far away, but people do it anyway. I exploited it and enjoyed the view of her underarm sexually.

Things can get a little heated when the discussion veers from pits, as it did during this perplexing "political" thread:

Overall, though, GirlPits is a welcoming community that encourages its members to follow their dreams:

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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