Roseanne World (thanks Ignavus) - Hey, remember Roseanne from that TV show of the same name? Well, she has a blog, and either she has gone 100% totally batshit crazy or she is a lot funnier than I remember.

I must congratulate myself on my greatest achievement in my career...I HELPED TO RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE IN THIS COUNTRY!!

People want to know how to stop the war, or how to protest it...the way I choose is to work for peace and justice. is the greatest foundation that exists to make this government account for the thievery and murder they have unleashed upon working class america.

Know that there is a war on the poor in this country, that has been going on since 1980. It has involved breaking unions and empowering fundamentalist anti-women's rights groups who's leaders are largely child molesters who crave access to the children of desperate women.


Her site is amazing and it's good to see someone finally reaching for that bird spit ring to give Tom Cruise a run for his bonkers money.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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