Escape to Party Mountain Beach (2004)

Directed by
Hermann "Steamboat" Mankewicz
Dina Lohan

User Comments: the scaryest movie since ghost dad!!!! (more )

Writing credits:
Hermann "Steamboat" Mankewicz

Genre: Fantasy / Antics / Mummies (more )

Tagline: Three girls on three adventures equals ten times the fun!

Plot Outline: Three girls take an uncharted shopping trip to a mysterious party island. Little do they know, this island is home to mummies, magic, and a mysterious amulet which may give one of the girls a chance to reunite with her missing ghost... (more ) (view trailer )

User Rating: A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! 3.4 / 10 (48,633 votes)

Credited cast:
Paris Hilton....Paris Hillsmyersworth III
Lindsay Lohan....Lindsay Lohberry
Ashley Olsen....Mercedes Harrington
Mary-Kate Olsen....Mercedes Harrington (ghost form)
Ashton Kutcher....Volcano Prince
Shaquille O'Neal....Gambala the Shopping Genie
Ben Stiller....Gay Mummy #1
Owen Wilson....Gay Mummy #2
Don Knotts....Party Grandpa
Lance Bass....Romeo von Hunkboat
William Hung....Asian Beachcomber
(more )

Also Known As:
A Night in Paris DVD Edition: Disc 2 (Canada )
Muchachas Retardadas Ricas Locas (Mexico)
Der Krazen Kuntz (Germany)

Runtime: USA: 67 min / Mexico: 67 min / Germany: 93 min
Country: USA
Language: "English" / Geniespeak
Color: Color (Spectraforce)
Sound Mix: 1.1 Around Sound

AMDB Trivia:

  • Mary-Kate Olsen was not intended to be in this movie, nor is her character in the original script. It was under the insistence of the twin sisters' agent that Mary-Kate also be cast in the film, which is why Hermann "Steamboat" Mankewicz made the last-minute decision to cast her in the film as a ghost. Mary-Kate was chosen to play the ghost, as her slim 68-pound figure was much more appropriate for the role than that of her robust, 72-pound sister, Ashley Olsen.
  • An epidemic of Chlamydia afflicting male crew members on the set delayed shooting for over three weeks. The only person who spoke about the source of this outbreak was Paris Hilton's publicist, who claimed the disease originated from "an infected toilet seat."
  • Due to most of the budget going to the stars of the film, the majority of Escape to Party Mountain Beach was filmed in the middle of a forest in Vancouver. This is why in many shots you can see large coniferous trees and parts of downtown Vancouver.
  • Actor Ben Stiller demanded that his wife, Christine Taylor, and father, Jerry Stiller be given major parts of the film. The two were made extras in the famous 20-minute "mummy luau" scene, where Jerry Stiller lost the use of most of his face due to third degree burns. The remains of Christine Taylor have yet to be found.
  • Dina Lohan got the idea for this movie after taking Vicodin and watching Kazaam followed by reruns of Gilligan's Island. Only the untimely death of Alan Hale prevented her from fully realizing her dream.
  • Due to costume changes suggested by Hermann "Steamboat" Mankewicz, Paris Hilton's labia can be seen for a total 41 minutes of screen time.
  • Actor's Trademark: [Paris Hilton] Labia exposed for more than one half of the film.
  • The German version of Escape to Party Mountain Beach, Der Krazen Kunts, has nearly 30 minutes of extra footage. This footage is comprised entirely of director Hermann "Steamboat" Mankewicz's surveillance videos of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Ashley Olsen making bowel movements in the on-set chemical toilet. Der Krazen Kunts went on to become the highest grossing movie in Germany for 2004.
  • Director's Trademark: [Hermann "Steamboat" Mankewicz] A woman is gang-raped by male porpoises.
  • Director's Trademark: [Hermann "Steamboat" Mankewicz] Nine minute shot of a dog licking its scrotum.
  • Half of the dialogue in the film was adapted from an unfilmed John Hughes adaptation of The Catcher in the Rye.
  • Due to audiences confusing Ashley Olsen for Don Knotts, digital subtitles were added which differentiate the two.
  • A sequel called Return to Escape to Party Mountain Beach was planned for 2006, but negotiations fell through when the Los Angeles phone company cut Hermann "Steamboat" Mankewicz's service due to his delinquent account and abuse of the 411 service.
Memorable Quotes:

Paris Hillsmeyersworth III: The only thing I hate more than my parents getting killed by hurricanes is hurricanes.

Lindsay Lohberry: I think it's about time we escaped to Party Mountain Beach! (grabs breasts firmly)

Mercedes Harrington: Don't look now girls, but-
Paris Hillsmeyersworth III and Linsday Lohberry: (getting sucked into a hurricane) HURRICANES!

Asian Beachcomber: What wrong with you, rady?
Paris Hillsmeyersworth III: You silly chimp, can't you see that we're shipwrecked and I broke a heel?
Asian Beachcomber : This no a bad place, rady. This Party Mountain Beach!
Paris Hillsmeyersworth III : Oh my God, this chimp can talk!

Gambala the Shopping Genie: Shim Boom GAMBALA! (punches hole in mountain)
Asian Beachcomber: (rubs eyes and throws bottle of whiskey behind his back)

Mercedes Harrington: I'll tell you why I came here; I came here to get my ghost back!
Volcano Prince: Well, you don't have a ghost of a chance at that!
Mercedes Harrington: (screams with madness)

Volcano Prince: (claps hands) Summon the gay mummies.
Asian Beachcomber: (rubs eyes and throws bottle of whiskey behind his back)

Paris Hillsmeyersworth III: So far the gay mummies have done our hair and let us complain about our boyfriends to them - what next?!
Gambala the Shopping Genie: Me no boombamba like this!
Lindsay Lohberry: Of course not, Gambala; you don't have hair, so they had to braid your skin!

Gambala the Shopping Genie: Gambala want his mummy!
Gay Mummy #1: (mincing) Did sssomeone sssay my name?

Paris Hillsmeyersworth III: Oh my god the porpoises are RAPING ME!
Asian Beachcomber: (rubs eyes and throws bottle of whiskey behind his back)

Party Grandpa: It's a good thing you came to me, ladies. I know Party Mountain Island like the back of my hand!
Paris Hillsmeyersworth III: I'm relieved!
Party Grandpa: (looking at the back of his hand) Hmm... Never seen this before.
Paris Hillsmeyersworth III: (giggles)

Party Grandpa: (slaps her in the labia) Don't cross me, you fucking swine! (more)

AMDB Goofs:
  • Revealing mistakes: No effort at all is made to disguise the "stunt eaters" who replace the four lead characters during the famous 20-minute "mummy luau" scene.
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: The casting of both the Olsen twins and Don Knotts has led many to believe that Escape to Party Mountain Beach is a zombie movie. Fangoria has since retracted their cover story.
  • Factual errors: Most volcanoes are democracies.
  • Revealing mistakes: In twelve different scenes Shaquille O'Neal can be seen either dribbling or slam-dunking a basketball.
  • Continuity: Due to the multiple car accidents she got into during filming, Linsday Lohan's face jumps between horribly scarred and unscarred during most of her scenes.
  • Revealing mistakes: Ben Stiller not very funny.
  • Revealing mistakes: Paris Hilton urinates down her leg and is obviously inebriated during the gay mummy dance-off.
  • Factual errors: Only 3% of all mummies are gay, which makes finding a pair of gay mummies a statistical improbability.
  • Crew or equipment visible: The piece of boiled celery on a string used to lure Mary-Kate Olsen to different areas on the set can be seen in the foreground of the submarine race sequence.
  • Revealing mistakes: Lance Bass can be seen staring at his half-naked manservants during his love scene with Lindsay Lohan.
  • Continuity: Don Knotts' Hawaiian shirt mysteriously changes into chain mail for three minutes. (more)

– Bob "BobServo" Mackey

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