MegaBop 1996 (1982)

Directed by:
Menahem Yoram (AKA Bob Smith)

Writing credits:
Menahem Yoram
Josepf Kneivapunctk

Genre: Action / Adventure / Musical / Sci-Fi (more)

Tagline: "When evil outlaws good, good must outlaw evil... feets don't stop us now!"

 Plot Outline: In the post-apocalyptic, industrialized, totalitarian near future (1996), a group of rebels must overthrow Baron Razorstab, leader of the Global Assembly Government, by creating a new form of dance called "The MegaBop," which has the power to transform ordinary individuals into... (more) (view trailer)

User Comments: This movie is absolutely fantastic! I loved everything about it, at least what I can remember from when I saw it in the theaters back in 1982 or so. The costumes, sets, props, and acting were all top-notch and high quality I think. I don't recall what the movie was about, but I know I truly loved it and asked my mom if we could watch it again. She screamed "NO" and pulled me by the arm, but my mom never had good taste to begin with, lol! She's not even a Wiccan like I am. If you're interested in joining my... (more)

User Rating: A STAR!? A STAR!? NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! 2.2/10 (28 votes)

Credited cast:
Brian Forster....Kline Tabularasa
Kami Cotler....Amyee Rainbow
Donald Pleasance....Baron Razorstab
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Michael Amberbee....Pilcron-9537
Meredith Conway....Alien (With the Gift of Dance)
Cheryl Foster....Motorcycle Lethal Enforcer
Daniel George....King Partytime
Mary Lee Harris....Alien (Without the Gift of Dance)
Jacob Kristofer....Helicopter Lethal Enforcer
Mike "Pitdog" Lennox....Submarine Lethal Enforcer
Kevin Trailmix....Children's Hero

Also Known As:
Kiss Away, Dark Skies (UK)
Happy Feet: Protect Us! (England)
Smile and Get Down (Australia)
Death Kill Suicide Run 3D (Canada)
Runtime: 85 min (25 fps) (video version)
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: "SparkleColor 3D"
Certification: USA: PG
Sound Mix: Mono

  • Shortly after filming the final scene, a joint raid by the DEA and local Hollywood Police swept into the building and arrested over 73 of the cast and crew for what was then dubbed "the entertainment community's largest drug bust." The Hollywood Reporter claims "over half of the cast" was under the influence of illegal narcotics during the entire shooting. First-hand reports include detailed descriptions of lead actor Brian Forster "eating a majority of a folding chair" and lighting technician Ed Albourgue stealing reels of film and using them to construct a vehicle he named "Hellcrusher" which he claimed would break through the gates of hell and release his demon overlord.
  • Lead antagonist Donald Pleasance (Baron Razorstab) was handcuffed to various pieces of the set during nearly all shots.
  • Brian Forster and Kami Cotler were essentially blacklisted after this movie's premeire, due in part to their post-film speech in which they thanked "The Aryan Brotherhood" and supported mother-daughter incest "'cause that can't be wrong 'cause it don't make no babies."
  • Donald Pleasance was asleep in over half of his scenes. The remaining half were filmed by luring him to various goals and objects such as the catering table and a shipping crate labeled "THE TICKLE BOX" and tricking him into speaking his designated lines with the use of hypnosis and mind-altering substances. (more)
  • During the "Ultimate Universal Dance Showdown," King Partytime can be seen in the background playing the bongo drums and shaking his head in joy. After the following cut, the bongos have been replaced by an overturned ceramic bathtub and King Partytime has been replaced by a scarecrow with the word "NIGGER" written in coal clearly visible across its chest.
  • During the confrontation on Moon Base Alpha 8, Baron Razorstab is seen walking across the surface of the moon wearing nothing except his imperial robe and crown. This is physically impossible; the temperature on the moon would have frozen his feet.
  • Amyee Rainbow answers the phone, spends three minutes speaking into it, then proceeds to hang up, all before the sound effect of the phone ringing actually plays.
  • During the dining scene in the HyperDome, a "McDonalds" sign can clearly be seen behind the hanging banner ad reading "UltraFoodCubes - 4583 Credits."
  • Dried blood splotches can be seen on all actors' outfits during the Moonlight Danceoff for Freedom scene. This was the result of director Menahem Yoram slicing open his left hand on the boom mic and then running on stage to personally reassure the cast and crew he was "just fine." The makeup and continuity crew did not have a chance to replace the outfits due to Menahem Yoram's strict policy of "nobody touching my stuff."
  • All banners and logos inside the Global Assembly Government had to be changed at the last moment when a cast member noticed the word "GAG" was showing up everywhere. Director Menahem Yoram attempted to solve this problem by suggesting "GAG" could stand for "Great American Guard," but after three hours of explanation, still did not fully understand the fundamental issue. Eventually all "GAG" signs were changed to "GOG" signs in post-production. The acronym "GOG" was never explained in the movie.
  • Director Menahem Yoram can be heard mumbling the phrase "Lord Lord Lord dont touch the water meter oh Lord, don't let them touch my water meter" during the first 37 minutes of film. In the second editing of the film, the producer attempted to overdub the voice with seagull sounds and added a subtitle that read "MEANWHILE AT THE BEACH..." which appeared in every scene until the 37 minutes ended.
  • The "Neural Disintegrator Phaser" is clearly a staple gun.
  • During the warehouse confrontation scene, Baron Razorstab is shown holding the Neural Disintegrator Phaser backwards. In the following scene, a large bandage is visible over his left eye.
  • There are no actual electronics in Baron Razorstab's "PsychoScience Laboratory." A cardboard box labeled "COMPUTUR" (sic) and three test tubes full of dishwater were used to clone Pilcron-9537 after he fell from Octagon Bridge.
  • The "portal to the Dance Dimension" is clearly marked "New Jersey Sewer System." (more)
AMDB Memorable Quotes:
Kline Tabularasa: I can't believe how that vile dictator Baron Razorstab is trying to crush our spirits like candy corn!
Amyee Rainbow: He must be stopped! At all costs!
Kline Tabularasa: But at what costs?

Baron Razorstab: Send... send that... the... (unintelligible)... to my... (unintelligible).
National Defense Ruler O'Crombie: Yes sir! At once!
Baron Razorstab: And... make... make sure that this... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Soldiers snap to attention
National Defense Ruler O'Crombie: You heard the Baron! Get moving!

Kline Tabularasa: Where are we? This looks nothing like our hometown of Omega Alpha Beta Sigma Zulu 34874.
Amyee Rainbow: I think this is what the elders called, "Newed York."
Kline Tabularasa: "Newed York?" What a strange name for a town! Their customs, their rituals, their lives seem so foreign to us.
Amyee Rainbow: As ours to them.
Kline Tabularasa: Yes but they are all dead and we are not.
Amyee Rainbow: No wonder you're a scientist.

King Partytime: So you've found me and my underground city of dance! How do you like it so far?
Kline Tabularasa: Your customs and garb seem strange to us, not like our hometown of Omega Alpha Beta Sigma Zulu 34874.
Amyee Rainbow: Yes, where are your Pleasing Orbs and Submission Goggles? Where are your Happy Pill Dispensers and Compliance Inhalers?
King Partytime: What on Earth you talkin' 'bout, cats? We ain't got none of that here! We've just got dancing!
Kline Tabularasa: "Dancing?" What is this... "dancing?"
King Partytime: Let's get this party started!
[Party gets started]

Baron Razorstab: (Incoherent)... (mumbling)... my 12-speed.
National Defense Ruler O'Crombie: You heard the Baron! Prepare the Brain Gun!
GAG Lead Scientist: But sir! We haven't tested it out fully! We don't know what it could-
Baron Razorstab: SILENCE!!! (very long pause followed by a confused expression) Coffee cake.
National Defense Ruler O'Crombie: You heard the Baron!

Alien (With the Gift of Dance): You "humans" must learn the secrets of the MegaBop, the dance powerful enough to overthrow your cruel and vicious warlord dictator.
Kline Tabularasa: But how can we possibly learn it in time? The Ultimate Universal Showdown is but days away!
Alien (With the Gift of Dance): You must look deep inside your heart.
Kline Tabularasa: But... but I don't feel anything!
Alien (With the Gift of Dance): Then you're pretty much doing it wrong I guess.

Baron Razorstab: (Moaning sound which lasts for 12 seconds)... your... "humans"... (unintelligible)... cannot... (unintelligible)... my brother in law Steve.
Kline Tabularasa: With the power of the MegaBop, anything is possible!
Amyee Rainbow: Let's show 'em, Kline!
Baron Razorstab: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddd.

AMDB Memorable Song:
Hey everybody, get up and cheer!
A new dawning, a new day is here!
Spread the word to every town,
MegaBop is here so don't feel down!
Move your feet and swing your arm!
That mean ol' Baron can't do no harm!
We're protected by the power of dance!
We're all moving and he's stuck in a stance!
Your bombs, your guns, your tanks
Make us all say "no thanks!"
We've got the happiest feet,
And we know we can't be beat.


MegaBop, MegaBop
Turning night into day
MegaBop, MegaBop
Let's dance the MegaBop way
MegaBop, MegaBop
Cosmic rays shine down
MegaBop, MegaBop
Let's kick this Baron out of town!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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