i have no fucking idea

Submitted by my main man Kyle!

I've never watched any of the Spiderman movies, and in honor of that, I'm not watching this steaming pile of bullshit either.

Oh look, there's a second part that I'm also not watching! Haha, my job fucking owns.

(Oh, also from now on I'm going to be listing your names under the videos you submit because I'm tired of feeling like a jerk for not crediting you guys (also so I can cram even more "comedy" into my articles). So, this is your first, last and only warning: if you don't want me to credit your real name for whatever reason, please make that known in your submission email. Thank you for loving Pupkin!)

Critics Corner

"ya me and catsrule are going to do a sweaty wrestling video we have been playing with each other like we are wrestlers really cool"


"Jesus crist joshÿ after seeing this i hate you even more now.

P.S. stop saying hi to me for no reson."


"peter peterahahaaaaa funny az hell do another one beside the other one"


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