AwfulVision Presents: Awful Responses

For some reason, people actually read this article. Even more confusing, some people actually take the time to make video responses to the videos I make fun of.

And I thought I had entirely too much time on my hands.

The original: this abomination

The creator: WWWPPPSSS

My thoughts: This is somehow even more disturbing than the original. Jesus Christ.

Score: -14485819591 out of 5.

The original: Chuggo - "C'mon, Fuck a Guy"

The creator: toymasheenSH

My thoughts: Slightly fruity with a pungent aftertaste and a slight hint of Oak.

Score: 3.8 out of AHHHHH C'MON FUCK A GUY

The original: Tehhh

The creator: ShantyKifer


Score: z0r out of w00t

The original: Jesus Christ, I don't even fucking know.

The creator: hellointernet

My thoughts: I will not be at all surprised if hellointernet brings about Armageddon some day. Hail Satan.

Score: out of 11

The original: Down Load Rap and Submit

The creator: granpoco

My thoughts: Papa Jim is iller than Eazy-E's HIV test and doper than Method Man's bong.


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