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It's not every year that AwfulVision falls more or less on 9/11, and if you think for one second that I'm not going to milk it for all it's worth, you clearly aren't familiar with this stupid, poorly written article.

(For optimum viewing pleasure, please put on an American Flag t-shirt and cue up Lee_Greenwood_-_God_Bless_The_USA.mp3 while watching!)

We start with a venerable old classic: tribute.wmvavi. This never fails to bring a tear to my eye as the Benny Hill Theme/Yakkety Sax reminds me of the noble sacrifices ARE REVOLUTIONARY WAR TROOPS made in fighting the evil British so that we can proudly live in a country that is #23 in literacy, #27 in math, #21 in science and #1 in 7/11 Big Gulp drink sizes.

Pro-tip: no matter how hot it is in your apartment, it is not advisable to open your window as the symbol of American capitalism and excess crumbles before you, sending a cloud of debris and jingoism your way.

Wow, Disney has been getting really edgy lately!

We did not deserve 9/11.

Sweden gave the world Crazy Frog.

Sweden deserved 9/11.

The terrorists didn't do 9/11 as blowback for meddling in their affairs. They didn't do it because they hate our freedoms, either. They were just playing America's favorite game: Jihad The Autistic.

This video proves two things:

1) Motherfuckin' bootleg firework shit did 9/11.

2) The art of the mashup is still alive and well no matter what anyone says.

All kidding aside, though, we all know who REALLY did 9/11...


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