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Being 14 and gay owns

Submitted by me!

Aww, damn guys. Looks like you fucked up your one and only chance get signed to an incredibly exploitative recording contract that will lead to your inevitable financial ruin, tour the country and play shows no one gives a shit about or comes to in a busted-ass 1983 cargo van that gets 12 miles to the gallon and get herpes from an underage "groupie" who doesn't so much like your music as she wants wants to piss off her parents.

On the plus side, being poor and only being able to afford practice amps comes in handy when your lanky douche bag idiot bassist keeps falling off them because not only are those things only like 12 inches tall (which means he should be fine unless he has osteoporosis or some shit), but even if he should manage to break one like the gangly uncoordinated faggot manchild he is, your part time job at McDonalds will easily allow you to afford a brand new one!

Critics Corner

"all your doing is talking shit shit, it aint doing nothing to me, ive probably got more chicks than your ugly ass"


"LMAO! Ozzy just said "Dos it really matter, fagg" yet he was like "First Comment" on the "AYDS" video, man this guy makes me laugh. This is A perfect example of A person with no life"


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