What in the fuck is this shit

Submitted by Schadenfraulein

Look Japan, I know we kinda nuked two of your cities and killed thousands and thousands of your civilians, but don't you think this is going a bit far for revenge?

A bunch of miserable SHIT

"I haven't played the game yet, 'cause I heard you gotta change something on your computer that I didn't really understand, but it looks like a game I'd want to play.

Judging by the videos you've posted, I think Lilim looks like my favorite character, because I have a thing for redheads, especially gassy redheads. Plus, she seems like the girl who seems to enjoy farting more than the others; she's usually smiling instead of blushing like some ofÿ the girls. Gotta love a girl who likes to fart :P"


"I finally got this game to work on vistaÿ and
I've had a permanent boner ever since"


"Nanaru's butt grabs don't produce farts. They call lightning, which is why I didn't record her. Arika is the same thing, except she actuallyÿ has no butt grab moves."


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