Hipster Olympics

Apparently the endurance event in which the hipsters struggle to see which of them can stay outside in the freezing cold the longest while smoking clove cigarettes to avoid having to listen to the very local bands they just paid 10 bucks to see was cut from this year's olympics.

That does it for this week's not-so-Awful Vision. I hope you've enjoyed viewing the approximately 12 videos on the entireity of Youtube that don't completely suck dick! Join us next week when we're back to the same old terrible shit as usual.

In fact, if you'd like to send in some terrible shit, send it right here. You could be famous! Or at least as famous as driving an internet comedy writer to sucide can make you! Also, join our Youtube channel! I have absolutely nothing to say about our YouTube channel. To be entirely honest, it's rather horrible and I neglet it nearly as much as I do this article and my own personal hygeine. But feel free to join anyway!

– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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