what the fuck is that thing what is going on aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I wonder if he wears the gas mask for effect or because he refuses to feed the AmeriKKKan CRAPitali$t war machine by paying his water bill and buying soap.

Mwa ha ha. Yessssss. Soon, Super Girl, your will will be broken and the coordinates to the Hall of Justice will be mine! But please hurry because my grandma only let me use her living room as my DUNGEON OF TERROR until 5:30 because that's when she'll be back from playing pinochle at the Senior Center.

so me and my friend got really bored... and long story short both of our parents wish theyd have opted for a second trimester abortion after tests revealed that wed be animes

Penn is such a libertarian hero that he doesn't even believe in regulating his own videos, instead preferring to let his viewers decide what annotations to post. Will the invisible hand of the free market prevent people on the internet from ruining a dumb video about his daughter's name? Let's watch!

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