It's pretty telling when your political party is so terrible and racist and backwards that even as a black man, you can't tell the difference between brown people and hire a hispanic dude to play Barack Obama.

AwfulVision just isn't AwfulVision without a fat goth bitch so here you go!

playing the rock song finger eleven paralizer it a kiss ass song best song i ever herd and there is a kity cat dancing to the music so u have to watch it u can put it on your ipod psp or and other thing iphone so i hope u like it

In my country there is problem/and that problem is PC/they are always never starting/So I telling it "fuck off"/Throw PC down the well/So my country can be free/Throw it out with plastic chair/Then my country can be free.

fuck yeah bitch get krunk on that apple dapple shit nigga goddamn aww skeet skeet skeet

There! Not counting videos that have been removed, or that I've already used, I think I'm caught up for this year! Yayyyyyyy.

Thanks to everyone who submitted videos! If you have died in the 7 months it took for my stupid, lazy, incompetant ass to post your video and can't read this because Something Awful is blocked in Heaven, I have tasked AwfulVision Alumni Paul Rice with converting hookers to Christianity and then killing them so that they can personally give you my thanks.

We'll be going back to the normal AwfulVision format next week, so be sure to submit the fuck out of some videos because I officially don't have shit to use for next time as of right now. That was a long link.

Later, jerks!

– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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