Randroids ftw

Submitted by Adam K.

There are two kinds of Libertarians: those that describe themselves as "socially liberal, fiscally conservative" but vote Republican because they don't want to spent any money on anything ever and the rarer, more hardcore Objectivist that basically wants to enslave the poor and set up the United Oxygen Trust to charge people for air.

Here we have the latter type committing an unforgivable sin in Randroid circles: asking for donations.

Let's watch the hilarity unfold, shall we?

Critics Corner

"Why should I, as an objectivist, allow moochersÿ like yourself to get my hard-earned money from your tears?
Plus your videos are terrible."


"I'm not about to give my money to an obvious parasite who chooses to be poor. Get a job you hippy communist bloodsucker.

Do I need to remind you all that this manÿ is calling for altruism and as the GENIUS Ayn Rand said Altruism is what makes you weak and is the way of Kant we should let this parasite starve!"


"My response is this: get another job! Your current poverty is a lifestyleÿ choice."


"so let me get this straight...you're a fan of capitalism, where people can gain money if they WANT to, yet here you are, groveling likeÿ a beggar. loser. get a fucking job and stop being a societal leech."


Kill every Objectivist.

That about does it for another action-packed edition of AwfulVision! Big ups to everyone who submitted a video. There were a ton of hilarious videos submitted last time, so if yours didn't make it this time, I'll probably use it next week!

If you'd like to join in the mayhem and submit the fuck out of some zany videos that I will then get paid to write 2 unfunny sentences about while you get nothing and starve in the gutter, you can submit them right here!

See you jerks next time!

– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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