Forum Goon Microwave found himself in a bit of a pickle recently. Apparently a slime monster from the Dragon Warrior games had made his home right behind Microwave's monitor! Rather than fight this horrible beast on his own, Microwave took suggestions from the Something Awful Goons, and eventually stood victorious! That is until he was crushed by a two ton boulder.

Please enjoy this gripping tale of heroism and strategy, and thanks to Goon Microwave for this weeks Goldmine!

Hey guys. Right now AS I AM TYPING THIS there is a blue slime behind my monitor! I don't know what to do! I'm worried that if I strike it with my dragon sword the splash damage will destroy my computer too. Even if I use Accuracy Strike there's a 50% chance I will mess up because I'm not very good at it yet! Please help!

Here's a picture of my monitor, you can kind of see the slime behind it. I didn't want to get too close because the flash might enrage it.

Just for reference, here I am (I took this last week). I'm a level 4 balanced hero.

Please help! I will post pictures of the results if you guys can help me out! Thanks!

Here's a better picture.

trogdorx posted:

What are its weaknesses?

-5 against Salt, throw some salt at it, see what happens!

Thanks a lot, asshole. Now it's just angry and all covered in salt. I backed up again because I think it is going to start a battle soon.

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