Kremlin Kremlin

hey this isn't the volume dial *dies*


Touch screens for anything in cars other than GPS is a travesty of Bad design.

Hm yes I would love to navigate Linux to change the temperature while I drive

Dave Concepcion

hi i am tesla car. pleased to meet you.

boom boom boom

Why does the car have a picture of itself inside itself?

Jenny Agutter

think about the kind of person who buys a tesla


well brace yourself for this

boom boom boom

Is that the key? Is the Tesla key a tiny model of the car it unlocks?




fuckin lol at people who think Tesla has "bad design"

like really lmao, talk about sour grapes


i love to drive around in a giant ipad -some goon


i couldnt get the door open because it has no door handles and the key has no button


You have to tap the little car's roof a couple times. I only know this because I read an article where the author didn't know how to pop the door handles out manually if they didn't come out automatically either. Why this is better than a normal key fob or normal door handles that just unlock if you have the key in your pocket wasn't covered in the article


Anything beyond 'Pull handle, open door' is, in fact, bad design.


Think again.


Ok you got me there

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