a rose thats exactly the same but different somehow so you can call it something else

Ayatollah Hermione

weed plant that smokes itself and gets high

Lil Cunty

a tree that makes frosting instead of sap

a tree that fills itself with honey without bees so they can pursue hobbies and interests instead of just having to go gathering pollen all the time

a maraschino cherry tree, growing next to a coconut tree but the coconuts have shirley temples inside instead of coconut water, which is lame


a tomato labeled "red potato" and it grows eyes and stares at you

Ayatollah Hermione

onions that don't make you cry but instead bolster your self esteem and body image

Lil Cunty

chickens that lay eggs without shells and whenever you need an egg you just squeeze the chicken over the mixing bowl until the right amount of liquid egg comes out


Cucumbers that shoot ranch dressing when you rub them

Lil Cunty

pepper that has legs and jumps around on your food, but it's just pepper so it's ok and fun for the kids

Ayatollah Hermione

a bean that zips around your plate and giggles when you try to stab it with your fork

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