cereal that cries milk when you yell at it

Lil Cunty

bacteria that are frog sized and I can keep one in a terrarium

Lil Cunty

me: oh this, just a common streptococcus ratti. i keep it in here because it can coexist peacefully with my African water frogs. I'm saving up for a protozoa, they're way more interesting but I need a bigger tank and a filter first


trees that grow upside down and into the earth, so you can live inside the tree in the earth like a little natural bomb shelter, and use the roots growing up into the sky to hang up laundry


a dog that flies back like a boomerang when you throw it

Lil Cunty

mice made out of red and green glitter so you can use owl pellets as Christmas ornaments

Ayatollah Hermione

bread with extra gluten that you can smugly eat in front of your annoying friend Connor


raccoon that puts fallen trash cans back upright and tidies up any escaped debris



– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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