Myrrh maid posted:

Status: Looking for a guide ...

Status: Connected to guide: JasonK

JasonK: Hi there. I will be helping with your search.

You: hi

JasonK: Hello

JasonK: You are looking for this image?

You: im after a pic i saw about 3 months ago in a google image search

You: an elderly farmer in a field with cows

JasonK: Do you remember what your search terms were

You: "stoat box"

You: i think there was at least 2 cows

JasonK: I'm not entirely sure what stoat box has to do with the search

JasonK: Could you explain?

You: ok

You: it was the year 1967, a difficult time for farmers in the midwest

You: stoat boxing was common on farms

You: there werent any stoats in boxes in the picture though

JasonK: Ok

You: has anyone ever asked you do find them lesbian porn?

JasonK: I've never been quick enough to accept the search

You: right on.

Caffeine Wolf posted:

Status: Connected to guide: ChristineG

ChristineG: Hi there. I will be helping with your search.

ChristineG: Hello there.

You: Hello I am looking for a store in Texas that sells a number of different items

ChristineG: How can I help you today?

ChristineG: ok....

ChristineG: Let's start with one.

ChristineG: bin bags?

You: I am landscaping you see. I need a store that sells Shovels, Some sturdy bin bags to carry several hundred pounds...of dirt, some quicklime to disolve the damaged soil , some cutting apparatus for small bushes, I guess a meatcleaver would work best. Thank you

ChristineG: Ah....ok.

ChristineG: Is this mail order or do you need to pick it up?

You: Also I may need some rope for. trying up some of the bags

You: I would prefer to pick it up I would not like to give out my current living addess.

ChristineG: Where are you located?

You: I cannot say exactly but around Austin. I would prefer not to cross state lines to find this store if possible thank you christine

ChristineG: Sure...let me check that out for you.

You: If you cannot find 1 store that does all of that then dividing it between 2 stores that are very close to each other is fine.

ChristineG: ok....

ChristineG: Are you interested in a store like Home Depot?

You: yes something like that however the only place i have found only sold the shovel and rape

Christine: Pardon?

You: sorry i meant rope

ChristineG: First let me give you this page then I will search for the specific items

You: ok

You: ah that link I have found another of stores near me. I think this may do

ChristineG: Great...

ChristineG: I was checking to see what they had.

ChristineG: You might have to call them. But they usually have everything that you need.

You: I searched for austin texas in their box. They have everything i think

You: thank you so much for your help I wont forget your good deed ChristineG

ChristineG: Great!

ChristineG: Well ty for ChaChaing!

ChristineG: Thanks for using ChaCha! I hope you had a great search experience!

Stoat Box posted:

Status: Looking for a guide ...

Status: Connected to guide: NephitiriW

NephitiriW: Hi there. I will be helping with your search.

NephitiriW: Hello

You: Hello!

NephitiriW: How may I help you?

You: Well I'm trying to make a living playing poker

You: However I don't know any of the rules so I invariably lose can you help me be a better player.

You: Like when we choose teams should I choose to play into the wind first half?

NephitiriW: sure, one moment please.

You: Tips and Strategy are both well and good but I need to learn the rules.

You: For example people talk about card sharks and also fishes and sitting ducks.

You: With all this water around should I turn off all electrical objects before playing?

NephitiriW: ok, i'll find some more

You: Also can you find the rules to this old video game I had.

NephitiriW: What video game is that?

You: I don't know but I distinctly remember it had a cat in it called "Neko"

You: if I remember correclty every 30 seconds it would emit a short period of screeching static (it wasn't a very wel made game)

You: im also looking for a website that allows me to post on the something awful messageboards

You: without paying their ridiculous joining fee

NephitiriW: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.

Status: Session ended.

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