hey sexy i know ive hinted at this before but would it turn you on if i got a tattoo that said "PUSSYCLOSE" in cg [century gothic] near my vag or ass? it would be there and hot all the time, even when i'm way too busy to even think about sex at all. that also means that you could always be thinking about it

Bedridden Cholo

waited all day w my nokia in my nookie for ur sxts to give my gunk a buzz. hun what gives?? no vj vibes + now theres girl sugar gumming up the mini usb :c


meant 2 say "pussy" earlier not "rango" but if u got tix i can leave early for that too


check your ipod hun there should be a new podcast on there. it's all the sounds my puss ywas making for 1.5 hours. should put u in the mood hehe.. if so i should be able to get ep 2 out by sunday


thinking about you doing a sex with my reproductive organs. mmm i got goosebumps

Sweet Blameless Child

shaved and scouring myself head to toe w/ clorox for u, human bodies are disgusting


my pussy is so arid

Bro Pair

2nite your email address becomes thaPussyDresden69 @

M-m-m-mummy Remix

im trying to work at my work but im totally preoccupied with how many hot peppers are in my puss. it's only one half but it really really hurts


meat me in the sewer. gonna shred your bo staff like a radical rat. put your hero in my half shell and fill myself with radioactive ooze. come get a pizza this cowabunghole turtle power

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