Given the amount of Mario drawings that have appeared in this section, readers might think these have always been easy to execute. But that's because they haven't seen the horrors that didn't make the cut. It's actually quite difficult -- and dangerous! Things can go terribly awry if you attempt to draw Mario without proper guidance and talent. That's why it was a Thanksgiving miracle when the Internet provided a jingle that ensures total Mario-drawing perfection!

For people who are scared of clicking links and/or people who fear and despise all music, here it is in word form:

Take a page and a pen,
draw a big mushroom.
Add an egg, then two more
Draw a cloud under here,
now we'll add some coins:
One, two, three
One, two, three
Draw a hill at the back
with a rising sun
Add a little bird and then
It's me, Mario!

Forums member Beardly presented this tune to his fellow Goons, who clearly benefited from its helpful instructions!

Beardly got things started. Let everyone say "that man takes direction well!" Unless he's a she, then change that part.



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