In these tough economic times, people can't always afford the A-list, big-ticket items. Instead of Cliff Lee and the Xbox Kinect, thrifty sorts will have to settle for signing Jeff Francoeur and waggling their limbs ineffectually like idiots. Or will they? What if you could pick up a counterfeit product at a fraction of the cost, without anyone being able to tell the difference, assuming that you only let people observe you and your gift from at least 30 feet away? The SA Forum Goons tracked down these alternate-universe hot sellers; all you'll have to do is Google, find and save! Given that Photoshops often appear in this space, it's worth emphasizing that these are actual things that exist. Also, it's worth sharing the theme song from the Van Damme/Rob Schneider buddy movie Knock Off, because, dammit, I'll never get tired of posting that link with every Front-Page Article that's even vaguely related.



Sample song: Black Sabbath's "Granite Man"!


StealthStealth: "The hand in front is COMING OUT OF ANOTHER FUCKING ARM."


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