Vanilla Ice

I wish that the genie would have to show and fully explain to me all effects (negative, positive, and neutral) for any of my subsequent wishes within the time equivalent of one of Earth's current 24 hour days in a way that will not cause any harm (physical or otherwise) to any matter in the universe and that the genie must receive my explicit agreement before these subsequent wishes are actually granted.

Smash it Smash hit

jon joe

I wish that, by thinking about it for no more than 10 seconds, I could figure out the exact wording, in a language I understand, of the foolproof version of any wish.

Smash it Smash hit

jon joe

I wish I did not forget the foolproof wording of wishes.

Smash it Smash hit

Flagrant Abuse

I wish for all wishes in this thread, including my own, to be foolproof.

Smash it Smash hit

Thanks to the SA Forum Goons for submitting their wishes, and to Smash it Smash hit and Amateur Saboteur for granting them in the rudest way possible, much like this cool-voiced djinn!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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