Buzkashi posted:

Flattery is your only way out of this. "Nice ass", and quickly.

Bajee posted:

You might want to arm yourself at the same time though, just in case.

IronSpatula posted:

Careful. Research shows that this human is in possession of a "brief case," a storage device that can easily be converted into a weapon.

Human has fled while shouting "monster". It has dropped a "brief case".

The human club is quite powerful.

noslliJ posted:

Well done, disarm your weapon again and pick up this..."brief case" its contents may help you later.

"Brief case" obtained.

Warning! Large metallic vehicle has approached and opened its doors. I am going inside.

I have entered the large metallic vehicle and it is moving at a high rate of speed in the direction of "downtown".

Microwave posted:

Perform a dance on the pole.

Dancing commenced.

ejay posted:

take that communication device from the human and use it to contact microsoft.

"Come in Microsoft."
"Jerry? Is that you?"

How do I reply?

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