the overprotective parents: hold back tears as you ride your scooter up and down the street in full view of the cool kids


the ollie be named oliver


Trick and Treat: Eat a snack while riding your board


pushing mongo: pushing with your front foot instead of your back foot. so what if everyone says it's bad to do? it's comfortable.

satanic splash-back

the pebble walk
walk around the parking lot/skate park/driveway and complain about how many pebbles there are, and how if you had a broom you would totally skate here but you're not going to risk going down because of some stupid pebble


the double manual

balance on all four wheels of the skateboard at the same time while standing on it

misty mountaintop

The Graduate: Deal with an existential crisis by experiencing a searing sexual awakening with a second-hand skateboard before ultimately settling for a lifetime of bland rides on a scooter.


The Overnighter : leave your skateboard in the driveway so your dad runs it over in the morning and then he has to buy you a new one. Repeat every year until 35.

google THIS

This is Stupid: Half-heartedly attempt an ollie while thinking that it defies the laws of physics that the board would ever come up with you, then never pick up a skateboard again.


Titanic: Cut your board in half and throw it in the sea

misty mountaintop

Crooked Cop: Grab the tail with your front hand while your back foot is boned.

Regular Cop: Confiscate a kid's board and practice your ollie behind the police station.

social vegan

I used to skate: never skate

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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