The Taliban is On to Runs

I am so glad that President of America is giving the bombs in anger to the leaders of desert nation of Afghanistan. This is exactly what is needed when the times get rough, you are not going to lay down and sleep things off you are going to put up some dukes and go to the fair with your fists up. President of America George Bush is riding the Ferris Wheel of misery for the Taliban, whose rudos schemes and friends have caused so much pain to Northern friend types. These bombs are exploding in the midst of their fortresses like the stars that are made to appearing when I am being kicked too hard in the head by the trickery of Bug Ox.

Watching the television as I am sometimes made to be doing I am seeing the bombs drop and explode the buildings and I also see the shows about the weapons of the wars. These are very good shows and are like stealing the secret fighting technique book of rival wrestler. Sometimes I am giving towards worry of the Taliban seeing on the TV the shows about weapons that American President and British President are using to fight against. Then they maybe are learning secret weak spot or kick move that will defeat attacks and then all is lost.

Then I laugh and remind myself that they are likely not getting television channels because the bombs are going into the telephone lines and scrambling up the signals. Some places in America maybe you are not to be watching this show, and all over the world in additions because this computer page is going out across the land. I am thinking to myself "Yours Truly, you need to spread the word about the special bombs the American President is using, also make sure no member of the Taliban or the Osama Bin Laden Network are reading."

If you are a terrorist I am advising you and giving to the count reaches three to stop reading or it will be a whole new world of pain for your heads.


This is where it is supposed to be, I am doing this pieces and I am calling it the Weapons of the Wars, and this is taken directly from my memory about the television show about the weapons.

Jets are taking the lead from the secret door on the "carrier". The FA-18 Hornets - This is a jet which is coming towards the land from the sea because it is being launched from the carrier, which is a big ship that holds airplanes in a secret compartment. This is like the blinding powder that rudos wrestlers are throwing in the face of Yours Truly when they know that going is going to be getting tough so the toughs are going to the throwing. This time though it is not blinding powder but dangerous and deadly fast jet airplanes that are being thrown into the sky by the ship. Then there are bombs that are guided by laser beams down into the bunkers. Look out Taliban, your goose is going to being cooked.

F-16 Fightin' Falcon - This airplane is very much like the Hornets but it is the junior version and it is flying in to drop bombs from airports and not from boats. This plane is not the best that America has to offer but it is getting the job done. The other pilots are laughing about how little the pilots of the Fightin' Falcon are, because you have to be a small guy to fly one of these birds! Sometimes this is making them sad but when it comes down to the wire they drop the bombs just like the biggest boys and they are knowing it is another mission accomplished and then back to the base for fried chicken like mother used to make, God rest her soul.

F-35 Stealth Jet - The Stealth Jet is the pride and joy of American air plane army and it is quiet so you cannot even hear it if it is right behind you. This is the plane which is going to be giving the final blows to the Taliban in their caves. It is also painted black, which makes it hard to see in the dark. It is dark inside caves and it is not afraid to go into the dark, so it will crawl into the caves and shoot the terrorists at closest range in the head with a silencer. This is what I am to be identifying as a cunning plan.

The goggles are helping to target in the night for the Rangers and the Marine Corpse. Night Time Goggles - Big trademark move of US army is the fighting in the night, which is good because they are made to bear the night time goggles. It is like seeing in the day time even when there is no light at all, only everything is green and also fuzzy. This is better than not seeing at all, which is what the Taliban has to do. While they are busy stubbing toes on inside of cave Stealth Jet will wear Night Time Goggles and sneak into cave and give them the one-two punch that sends them down to David Joneses Locker.

GRBZ44 Bunkers Busted Bomb - This is the big one! When the Taliban has nowhere left to go but into the bunkers it is time to send in these fine fellows who are capable of going into a vent and exploding deep into the grounds. This will explode a whole bunker in one go and it is very precise, a vent is not easy to hit when you are high up in the air, but these are called "smart bombs". I am meaning to say, don't try and challenge them to a game of "Guess Who?" because they are always knowing who you are by only asking if you have a beard. Even if you are good with the bluffs they are going to know when they inquire as to your glasses or if you are not having glasses. Then they know. They always do.

Bomblets - These are little bombs that come out of bigger bombs. You can attempt to be calling them baby bombs but I am telling you to keep your eyes peeled because the only thing cute about these little fellows is the word cute within "acute injuries" which is what they will cause if you get near them.

Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot Rounds - I don't remember what these are doing but I think tank guns shoot them and they sound ferocious like a desert lion. They may have dangerous radiation in them that might give the Americans Gulf War Syndromes, so watch out friends.

The Rangers - Rangers are very highly trained, spending long time in the pits fighting the different animals they are sworn to be protecting in the parks during peacetime. During a war they are brought into the planning room and told to attack. They know over five hundred ways to kill a deer with their bare hands, this is not a move to be trifling with. I think that a deer may not be using an AK-47 except in the bad parts of the park, but they are very fast runner and the kick of deer is giving runs for the money even to Yours Truly and you know the might of my kicks. I think Taliban may have always AK-47 but this is not enough to stop a man who can destroy a deer until it is just dust with only the ring on his finger.

The Marine Corpse are being lead out upon the mountains by one tough customer going by the names of George Patton. The Marine Corpse - Televisions shows do not talk about this secretive force, but the Americans have discovered technology much like voodoo to make the dead jump to attention when called to duty. This is called the Marine Corpse and they also have a very dangerous airplane that likes to crash called the Ocean Spray, mainly I think because zombie pilots are not good pilots at all. The man in charge of the Marine Corpse is supposed to be General Patton who was in charge of tanks in the big war in Europe. He was not a Marine to my recalling but he is still the zombie at the head of the charge when the Marine Corpse goes into the battles. I saw a movie once called University Soldier that was about this, and also about two hours too long! Hahahaha! No, seriously.

These are all I can remember, there are maybe some more but I think all of these big fights in the rings have knocked me for the loops. I am seeing stars and I am not meaning stars like handsome actor the latest George Peppard, God rest his soul. I am hoping this is giving you the information you need to go the rally and wave and cheer when the soldiers come home to victory.

– El Pinto Grande (@sexyfacts4u)

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