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Our Current Events class decided to "change the world" one day for the better. Our idea was to give students postcards where they could write their thoughts of world hunger and send them to congress. One of the cards read "Please stop World Hungry or we will all day".

And Stex T has scanned some proof!


"How do you say taco in Spanish?"

In Spanish class.


In an AP US History class,

"Mr. Moore, is the political machine an actual machine or like a metaphor?"


I overheard this intelligent put-down in my high-school hallway:

"You just ignorant with a capital E".

School might not be quite out for the summer yet, but the Comedy Goldmine is certainly finished for another week. I love each and every one of the forum goons, but especially those who contributed for this article. Laughing at the stupid comments said by classmates is always a ridiculously popular subject, and I get so many emails about these articles that sometimes I miss out on great Viagra offers offer, so perhaps we will explore this fun and exciting comedy avenue again. Next week, we return to normality, and draw pictures of celebrities eating fruit. Haha! Put that banana down, Paul Newman! Save it until next Tuesday, when hopefully everyone will join me again!

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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