While talking to one of the new student who moved from South Africa: "Whoa! You mean there are HOUSES in Africa?"

Grendy of the low

World Religions

Teacher: "When you die, if you are a bad person, you go to hell forever."

Idiot: "Forever???"

She thought you only went for a while, I guess.

End Of Worlds

When our teacher made some offhand comment about homicide rates rising on full moons:

" mean like...werewolves?"


[Year 13 History Class, a few weeks before our final exam on Nazi Germany]

"So, did the Jews get paid for the holocaust?"


"Did they get paid for all the work they did in the workcamps?"

"What do you think?"

"I guess not. I mean, they were going to be killed anyway, right?"

"Uh huh."


"Why do we need verbs anyway?"


In my geography class, there was about 300 students in it. Huge lecture hall but the teacher would still try what should could to stimulate student participation.

During one lecture she pointed at a mountain in Oregon, and asked the class what the mountain is called. It was just kind of a side thing from the lecture, but people start blurting out what they think it is.

I kept hearing a kid say "Mount Olympus" towards the front of the room, like he knew for sure and she didn't hear him say it. He then kept saying it louder and louder, until he was literally yelling "MOUNT OLYMPUS". He yelled it several times, and the class shutup and all stared at him.

The teacher goes "No, its Mount Washington."

Everyone starts laughing, the kid packs up his stuff, and walks out of the class an hour early.


My junior year in college. I think this was an Ethics class and we were discussing immigration.

One girl adds to the discussion: "I don't believe in immigration, I just think, that like, people should stay in the country they were born in, because that is like where they belong."

After the initial shock wore off, she was promptly humilated by about 50 other students.

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