Super tap-dancing bot!

A cowboy robot from Mars riding a dragonfly bonus for wrangling herds of giant robot aphids

Unfortunately, all the dragonflies taken to Mars died due to the lack of oxygen. Also, the robotic aphids have not yet rolled off the assembly line, due to logistical difficulties. The Cowboybot therefore attempts to rope the closest thing it can find to the aphidbot...


Unfortunately, production of the goonbot was canceled when it was determined that Hot Pockets were an inefficient and costly power source.

Hobot? (Hobo in robot form)

While very common during the robot depression, this is now a dying breed. Most hobots have been taken in by the state and converted into aluminum siding for low-rent housing.

Metalbot. He plays guitar.

Yes. Yes he does. Quite well. Especially considering he has mittenhands.

A robot holding a delicious sandwich, however, he is sad because he knows he could never eat and enjoy it.

For years Hungerbot searched for the perfect, most delectable sandwich. One day his quest came to a successful end. Only at that time did Hungerbot realize he had been constructed without a mouth or taste sensors. He also found he had been constructed without tear ducts.

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