animal drums

[at the convenience store] Oh you can't break a hundred huh. Well I can break a hundred bones in your body using only one combo, tough guy. I guess that means it's your move.


Fuck this, i need a beer - to my boss who is under 21


nice straw man. i see that it has burst into flames much like the kiss logo when kiss performs "black diamond" on their concert tour


[backing up away from swat team at jell-o factory] *throws the evidence against me in a large vat* the proof is in the pudding


*Walks into a high end night club or somewhere you would go looking for someone important like a gang leader* Okay who's the big cheese 'round here


[mother-in-law emerges from her room withno make-up on ]. Me: Release the Kraken!


Let's not and say we did and vaccination causes autism


(someone gives technical explination of some thing) .."In English Please"

halleys comet

Me: Sumere volucere copulatem (Means Go take a flying **** in some languages)
You: What?
Me: Wow, another thrilling dialogue with the intellectual superman! Let's give him a big hand folks!


*professor at college writes a bunch of shit on the board* UHhhh id like to buy a vowel?


Alright, cool, so you graduated college. you forgot to get your diploma though *hands you the ultimate diploma, a cool graphic novel that i circled all the best action drawings in with red pen so you can skip the stupid parts*

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