OK, now that we've exhausted all the usual retail outlets like Nob Hill and Dollar Buyz, let's get futuristic by finding bargains online with DealExtreme. If you order today, your gift will probably arrive just in time for Christmas 2012!


I just picked up one of these, I'll be pretty much the classiest guy in my cube farm now.

Some other random crap

Glow-in-the-dark alien!


The product is retarded, but the video demonstration is absolutely amazing (wait till the one minute mark). You literally couldn't do a worse job of demonstrating the product.

Deadly Chlorine

Vivid pig looks indeed.


I've bought many things from DealExtreme, but this is the best thing they've ever sold.

Smallpox the Sick

A Square 3D Laser Etched Steve Jobs Statue Crystal Block will be in at least a few stockings this year.

Osaka White

Who WOULDN'T want these?*
*Everyone what the fuck is with their hands

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