little fluffy muffy

This wrestler is a master chef with a penchant for haute cuisine. SOmetimes he humiliates the other wrestlers by whipping up a tasty dish in the middle of the match, or eating some imported olives right in the ring without any fear of choking on the olives. He gets his comeuppance when a more everyman wrestler says "the only thing on the menu today is knuckle sandwiches" and then serves up the knuckle sandwiches raw in the ring

Some Other Guy

a tow truck driver who is tired of towing trucks: your ass is next


A faithless elderly bishop, cursed by God to defend his hardcore title 24/7

Karate Avenue

Goldeneye Screen-Looker

+2 Sword of Chutney


Tricky Twisty

Jesus Christ the Return

Daikatana Ritsu

A Homestuckian enigma who only appears in mirrors


kane as is, but literally obsessed with and addicted to internet pornography

john cena in his current character, only openly acknowledged as a heel

Black Baby Goku

WHAT do you MEAN you forgot the chicken nuggets *crowd goes wild and waves arms and holds up signs with that catchphrase*


How about a boxing kangaroo who gains the ability to wrestle and not just punch, after he gets experimental surgery so that it has human type hands from an orangutang that died driving a motorcycle. And the spirit of the orangutang sometimes wakes up in the kangaroo and makes it betray its tag team partner which is a baby elephant that wears androgynous clothing


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