Dream lover come rescue me

Isn't Putin dreamy? He had the best expressions out of all the world leaders I looked up.

I hope everyone enjoyed this update, my biggest worry is that it might be a little too dry. Since i'm a terribly lazy person, when I was asked to do an update at the last minute I decided to use one of my old ideas which centered around subtle humor. This is a very different approach than my usual, wacky non-sequitur humor.

My friend Alex gave me some help with the photoshopping because I was stuck in North Carolina, where the closest thing to photoshop is throwing a picture up in the air and shooting one of those pilgrim guns at it. In exchange for his services he demanded I use this space to make a dedication to his friend Rob, who is moving away (hence why all the aliens are named Rob).

So here you go, Alex:


Haha, backstab! That's what you get for trying to abuse your connections! Happy Day after New Years, everyone!

– Kevin "The Goblin" Wilson

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