Zack: What the hell is even going on with this guy's hand? It's like Johnny Bench just caught a wild slider from the drafting table.

Steve: He looks so mad. "Bro, I heard you breaking bad on forehead gems. Don't make me take off this sleeveless pirate coat and come kick your butt."

Zack: "Just because I'm seven feet tall doesn't mean I don't know my ionic from my doric."

Steve: I never really conceived of a genie making blueprints. And aren't pretty much all genies going to try to trick you with your wish?

Zack: That's more of a leprechaun thing, but I'm sure an evil genie would do it too.

Steve: "What the hell is this staircase doing on the kitchen island!?"

Zack: "And why is there a real island in my kitchen?"

Steve: "And why is the second story of my house a book?"

Zack: "And why is there a guy standing here named Bill Ding? What am I supposed to do with this? You think it's funny? I ordered 200 desks and PCs."

Steve: "And why did you give all of my money to some guy who hates elves so he'll ask if I want to go up or down?"

Zack: "Real good work. Hey, Kazzam, that's not how you hold a ruler, you mitt-fisted moron. Go back to your bottle and fuck yourself. Maybe learn a trade up to your skill set of horrible puns and drawing crooked lines."

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