Zack: Before we get started on this one I'd like to supplement that with a little bit of text describing how a Nasnas is created:

Steve: As a wizard my options are summon a monster normally orrrrrrr brew a magic potion, imprison at least two women for nine months, wait for them to have potion babies, surgically attach their half-babies, and then raise them to fighting age.

Zack: The potion tastes exactly like cranapple.

Steve: With pomegranate.

Zack: Free sample tray at CostCo, some patience, and Google Maps and my army will be complete.

Steve: Luckily there are no laws against attaching two half babies to each other.

Zack: I think in Oklahoma you have to show the mother the half baby on the ultrasound before you attach it to another half baby.

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