Zack: You see a tree stump with a vagina and a weird rabbit sitting on top.

Steve: Oh no, I'm not falling for this one. I bet if go over there and try to ravish that tree stump hard that rabbit is gonna flip out on me or something.

Zack: Are you sure?

Steve: Well now you're making me second guess. What if my only way out is to stick my barbarian dorkus into a swamp stump's giant human genitals? What do I do?

Zack: You'd better decide quick! That stump is getting turned on!

Steve: Ahhh, I don't know what to do!

Zack: That is one horny stump. The rabbit is barking like crazy. There are birds swooping around. The whole jungle wants you to do that tree stump.

Steve: I don't know! Bro! What should I do?

Zack: Too late! The stump attacks!

Steve: Ahhhh!

Zack: The stump vagina misses your weiner by like half an inch.

Steve: No way dude! I am out of here! I am running out of this park. Worst park ever.

Zack: It can't chase you because it is a stump!

Steve: Good. There's gotta be a door or something out of here.

Zack: There is a space escalator.

Steve: I'm gonna take that.

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