Zack: Welcome to Obama's America.

Steve: Is this a green job?

Zack: Ruined cities and mailboxes that shoot you.

Steve: Don't forget about the broken borders.

Zack: BM-R60 Bordermech.

Steve: Is this your idea of public options, Obama?!?

Zack: Steve, what does that mean?

Steve: I don't know, dude, I was just going with it. Saying stuff from the news.

Steve: Tiger Woods better watch out for acorns!

Zack: I was going to stop you, but on second thought just go wild.

Steve: A mech voted for Joe Lieberman to break the filibuster.

Steve: A mech is saying allah ackbar at Ft. Hood and shooting its AC/10 at people!

Steve: And they said ComStar was a religion of peace!

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