Steve: Maybe it's the bat wing ears or the fangs on the trunk, but this one has a cool sort of Halloween vibe to it.

Zack: Nothing says horrifying abomination quite like chicken arms.

Steve: My favorite thing about this dude is that it says he can swallow anything. Even things bigger than him.

Steve: And that's where things get interesting.

Zack: This has to be a first. A random encounter chart for inside a monster.

Steve: Oh, come on, this one is cool. A giant galactic elephant that swallows you to an alternate dimension that rains acid?

Zack: Big deal. I can get a rain of acid from swallowing a Chicago style hotdog.

Steve: But do you have an angel on a rescue mission inside your body?

Zack: Yes, the archangel Zantac is rescuing me from reflux.

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