1st Place

Mindflayer by Chris Brandt

Steve: Oh man, look at all those boobs!

Zack: Yes, if we were awarding First Place on boobs alone Chris Brandt would easily win, but we're not.

Steve: And yet, he wins anyway.

Zack: Chris Brandt wins the competition because he combined artistic skill with humor and with one of the things we asked people to do: imitate original D&D artwork:

Zack: Chris specifically parodies Bill Willingham and Erol Otus, two of the most famous and recognizable First Edition D&D artists.

Steve: I could totally imagine any of his pictures showing up in those early books where boobs were fair game.

Zack: We salute you, Christ Brandt, for excellence in the field of D&D artist imitation. Your themes were solid and your artwork was very bold and clear.

Steve: And all those boobs.

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