Zack: Yes, welcome to the great minds of TSR UK, where they take a formidable monster like a gorilla and make it less capable by removing its opposable thumbs.

Steve: They gave it claws and a bear hug, which is better.

Zack: Counterpoint: a regular gorilla can tear out all your bones and punch your meat through a tree trunk.

Steve: More creatures need the description of "hugs for X damage."

Zack: You would think our noir friend Hook Horror would have been a prime candidate for some damaging hugs.

Steve: Hook Horror has got enough problems trying to open that jar. The last thing he needs is for somebody to steal his tender hugs from him.

Zack: Yeah, like TSR UK did to this poor, unsuspecting gorilla when they replaced its thumbs and fingers with a giant clawed flipper. Now how is Koko the Gorilla Bear going to tell us she love kitten?

Steve: Here's a hint: it inflicts 2-12 damage.
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