Zack: Youthquake sounds like the title of a Thomas Friedman column about connected post-millenials in India using their 3D printers to change the shape of America's manufacturing possibilities.

Steve: Whatever it is, you know it has something to do with being green.

Zack: Youthquake is about eating local.

Steve: Youthquake is way into composting.

Zack: Youthquake buys only fair trade cowboy shirts.

Steve: Youthquake rescues pitbulls.

Zack: Youthquake wants you to know it's about the owner not the breed.

Zack: Youthquake is definitely a queer ally.

Steve: I think Youthquake sounds like a pretty cool dude.

Zack: Yeah, but he won't shut up about the fucking pit bulls. It's insufferable.

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