Zack: The description reads like someone writing down a dream they had.

Steve: And then I was a baby too and then Cyclops turned into an action figure I had to get to my mom and then storm and me were in a stroller together and then a dinosaur cop tried to arrest us and so we escaped into a Candy Land game.

Zack: Marvel back then loved characters like Mojo that allowed them to "play with reality" and by that I mean allowed them to be horribly lazy writers. They would have Wolverine eating a sandwich and fighting some guy in a bar and then cut away to an infinite alien eating a planet and then the alien's baby would be on earth turning cars into dogs for no reason.

Steve: I remember the Beyonder cropping up where he wasn't wanted all the time.

Zack: Much as I hate to admit, it would be funny to see him popping into the overly serious X-men movies.

Steve: They can work him into the next Hulk reboot.

Zack: He can give Hulk a pair of stretch jeans.

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