Steve: Aaaah!

Zack: It's the sexy babe of this Monster Manual, Steve. I thought you'd be happy.

Steve: I am in a pretty good mood right now, but I wasn't expecting this thing.

Zack: Let me guess, you're in a good mood about our contest?

Steve: I thought you weren't going to mention that!

Zack: Too late. But we haven't given out the details yet.

Steve: This is basically going to be the best summer contest ever. I can't imagine a better one.

Zack: Since we can't top ourselves can we quit doing them every year?

Steve: No! We're just going to make sure they keep getting more challenging and more fun.

Zack: I think that's enough about the contest. Everyone can find out more about the 2011 Summer WTF, D&D!? contest tomorrow on the front page of SA and on the forums.

Steve: Unless you're reading this article months or years later, in which case man it must suck to miss out on all the fun while it's happening.

Zack: See you later, everybody!

Steve: Goodbye!

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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