Steve: Aaaaah!

Zack: What a way to kick things off.

Steve: If it eats rocks how does it ever run out of food? I thought one of the main things about rocks is that there's pretty much unlimited rocks. All you can eat rocks.

Zack: This artist does his best work on the back of an envelope while he's on the phone. He's got like fifty of these wearing top hats and roller skates and surrounded by spirals and floating boobs.

Steve: Whoa. Whoa, dude. Now you're talking.

Zack: Huh?

Steve: Floating boob. New D&D monster.

Zack: Brilliant. It refines about ten different monsters down to their defining characteristic.

Steve: A floating evil boob that can cast charm monster.

Zack: The Mamcubus.

Steve: No. Appearing: 2

Zack: Treasure Type: DD

Steve: It would be created by a crazed wizard. That's what they always say whenever they don't want to bother coming up with a reason for the monster to exist.

Zack: But is the wizard crazed...or is society?
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