Steve: Looks like you messed up again, dude. The Peryton is real.

Zack: You know, come to think of it I might have seen a CNN report about an eagle with the head of a deer that casts a human shadow and eats hearts. That sounds right up Rick Sanchez's alley.

Steve: Don't kid around, there are real accounts of this thing attacking people.

Zack: You're right, this is extremely important and serious. Who was attacked by this thing?

Steve: Sailors.

Zack: It's always sailors.

Steve: There are accounts in history. I looked it up on Wikipedia and it says a rabbi was attacked.

Zack: He should have fought it off with his golem.

Steve: It says they were responsible for the fall of Rome.

Zack: Et tu, Peryton?

Zack: Does whatever insane version of Wikipedia you're reading mention if Perytons were responsible for our current economic crisis?

Steve: Don't be ridiculous. Perytons don't do investment banking. They're evil lost souls trapped in monster bodies.

Zack: Sounds like an investment banker to me.

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