Zack: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached possibly the lowest point ever of D&D monsters. Travel to the Quasiplane of Radiance to have your color stolen by orbs.

Steve: There is another monster that doesn't even belong on that plane that can feed on people who have all their color stolen. It's super rare.

Zack: Quasiplane of Radiance. Pseudoplane of Bullshit.

Steve: Demiplane of Semi-Hemispheres.

Zack: Steve, we can call this a wrap?

Steve: We could have done that a few pages ago. It makes me a little sad to find stupid stuff related to Planescape. It's like walking into a room and getting ready to say something to your mom who has her back turned and before you can say anything she rips this really loud and juicy fart and you just want to back out of the room and not say anything but instead you wait a couple seconds and then start talking because you have to ask her about using the car only as you're talking the fart hits you and you end up dry heaving and the situation turns out way worse than if you'd just left and come back later even though you would have been late to the start of Star Wars miniatures tournament.

Zack: I was thinking the same thing.

Steve: No you weren't.

Zack: I'll see you in mom fart smell hell!

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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